Mobile water purification unit

Mobile water purification unit of WATERTECH based on the technique of
reverse osmosis
It is used for the treatment of polluted and brackish water
Conduits, lakes, rivers, wells and seawater.
This unit is used to eliminate: bacteria, dangerous products and excess salts,
to provide drinking water for services and consumption

The installations
Potabilization plants are made in containers of 20 or
40 feet, or separated in several containers depending on the flow of water
drinking required. Purified water can be stored in a tank inside the
container, in a larger external tank or, still, in a tank
located in another container. The pumps for the recovery of drinking water are
installed inside the container. The container is air-conditioned, insulated and can
be equipped with a generator or photovoltaic panels or
simply powered by the network.

Types of treatment

  • Chlorination for disinfection
  • Quartz filtration for suspended solids
  • Activated charcoal dechlorination
  • Security filtration
  • Desalination by reverse osmosis.
  • pH regulator

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