Our role: to reduce the vulnerability of agriculture to an increased risk of water scarcity.

Water is essential for photosynthesis and therefore for agriculture. Thus, despite its relative abundance in our latitudes, the agricultural industries are obliged to irrigate 20% of all cultivated land worldwide. It guarantees in quantity and quality the vegetable productions (vegetables, fruits, seeds, nurseries, ornamental horticulture, sales crops …) and the food autonomy of the farms (maize, sorghum …).

Faced with this growing demand for water resources for agricultural irrigation, the reuse of wastewater is a good alternative. These waters, also called effluents, come from our domestic, industrial, agricultural uses … Altered, they generally require to be cleaned before their reuse. A solution therefore, but above all a challenge at the same time regulatory, sanitary, environmental, … and technical.

After water analysis, WATERTECH SA provides filtration solutions for a wide range of industrial needs in agriculture, arboriculture and horticulture. Our filtration equipment can be used in multiple configurations, for a variety of industrial applications and to meet your needs. This without losing sight of the objective of preserving in water surface and underground resources. The reuse of treated wastewater for irrigating your crops or watering green spaces is seen as an economical alternative.