The increasing demands for quality, hygiene in the beverage / soft drinks industry, the stabilization of the specific taste of the product by a defined quality of water, the sector of drinks and food has more and more recourse to the use of fully demineralized and ultra pure water for the production of intermediate and finished products or use of conditioned drinking water for cleaning processes (rinsing water, etc.).
Environmental problems are not often associated with the production of beverages and soft drinks, apart from the risk of accidental leakage of dangerous chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine, the main discharge is wastewater. Typically, these waste waters are treated before entering the effluent disposal system. It is therefore rare that they cause environmental polluting problems.

On the other hand, the quality of the water must remain constantly high during the permanent production process. Reliable water treatment ensures a smooth production process and high product quality.
WATERTECH SA’s water treatment techniques, storage and distribution systems, as well as special solutions for automation, are specially developed and manufactured for each client. The individual requirements specifications (URS specifications) as well as the legal and official regulations of the beverage industry and the specific requirements are always taken into account. So, again, we can provide a high degree of individuality – quality and efficiency – for your best product.