Our role: To draw up an inventory of the contamination of the waters at the exit of the Hospitals and to identify a simple and effective solution likely to reduce or even to eliminate the contamination possibly detected ”

Hospital centers whose size corresponds to small or medium-sized agglomerations use large amounts of water for their activities and hygiene, which are then rejected. These hospital effluents are specific to health facilities: generated by care, analysis and research activities. The risks induced by these effluents can be of different natures: infectious, toxic, radioactive, high temperature.
All these new technologies, which respond to advances in care, must not compromise the aquatic eco-system of our rivers and seas.
It is imperative to identify the specificities of a hospital effluent and then know the appropriate treatment for wastewater, without harming human health and without impact on the environment.

WATERTECH SA designs and manufactures facilities for the treatment and / or storage of hospital liquid effluents applicable to private or public health establishments. Thanks to our technical study department, WATERTECH SA offers complete follow-up and support for projects related to existing regulations.