Our role: Diagnosis and technical feasibility study for the suppression / reduction of dangerous substances in water (Directive 76/464 / EEC)

Industrial laundries are required to obtain water from the public distribution network, groundwater and possibly surface water, by carrying out the necessary blanchisseriestreatments, because it is very demanding for its water supply both in laundries quantity and quality.

The vast majority of industrial laundries specialize in the supply and maintenance of textiles for reuse. Industrial laundries deal with linen from various sources: hospital linen, hotels (sheets, towels …), catering (napkins, tablecloths …) or work clothes.

In accordance with regulations, raw wastewater from laundries must be pre-treated to be compatible with the public sanitation system.

The complexity of the regulations governing research and the reduction of hazardous substances in water, the achievement of objectives, lead to the implementation of technical solutions depending on many parameters that differ from one industrial site to another. WATERTECH SA implements technico-economic studies on a case by case basis. As well as proposals that can be avenues for reflection that should be adapted to the sites concerned.