Our role: to adapt the new technologies of the treatment of the water to the product to the treatment of waste water, for the agrifood industries.

The agri-food industries are not the biggest consumers but they are among the major users and they are particularly demanding on the quality of the water used with the respect of many criteria. Industries, slaughterhouses, canneries, cheese factories, dairies, cured meats, frozen foods … produce products for human consumption, where the regulations in terms of hygiene and safety are particularly strict. The requirements are therefore very high both in terms of treatment and disinfection of water. Flawless hygiene and efficient dosing systems are essential for the smooth running of a food manufacturing business.

Water in this activity has a role as a food fluid (water enters into the formulation of the food), but it is just as important as a technical fluid: the water used for this purpose in certain technological processes may be partially incorporated into the product and thus become part of its constituents. This water will therefore require food quality in the same way as the formulation water (complies with the highest quality standards).

WATERTECH SA offers a wide range of techniques (simple filtration to a complete treatment chain) in the treatment of water to meet all these challenges. It ranges from individual solutions to complete solutions made to measure for all production processes.