About Water-tech

Our manufacturing division of water softeners (domestic and industrial), sale of products and components for the treatment of water was created in July 2006. The initial idea of this department was to propose facilities of water treatment, technically and economically optimized solutions.
Knowing that by 2025, half of the world’s population will live in areas of water stress, the WATERTECH SA company has specialized, with its experience, in the needs of the populations and the industries in marine water and groundwater, providing reliability in the supply of all types of installations: drinking water and seawater desalination, urban waste water and industrial water (food, process and wastewater)

Since then, the water treatment division of WATERTECH SA has continued to develop innovative and tailor-made water treatment services for all customers (from individuals to large companies), by developing different solutions, focused on study and specific realization, various modules (containers) of potabilization, since the most conventional, for small and large flows, up to modular and compact stations (fixed, mobile and emergency).

The services offered by WATERTECH include:

1. Tailor-made.
2. Modular container installations.
3. Process and detail engineering.
4. Laboratory tests and diagnostics.
5. Management and execution of the installation.
6. Assembly, commissioning, maintenance.
7. Technical assistance, after-sales.
8. Chemicals for treatment (coagulants, flocculants, disinfectants, among others).

The specialization and knowledge of the water sector of WATERTECH SA, allow intervention at all stages for each project. From preliminary design, identifying needs and difficulties, to final acceptance.