Our role: “wash” the water after using it and manage its reuse.
Production in the textile, leather and footwear industries often involves the use of a high water consumption in its various processes (preparation, bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing, finishing ….) As well as by the large number and variety of compounds used in different operations. If the discharges / effluents are not properly treated, they can pose a threat to humans and the environment.

These effluents generally have high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) values, high temperatures, strong staining, unstable pH, suspended solids and chlorinated organic compounds. These textile discharges, given their heterogeneous composition, make it an industrial effluent that is difficult to treat.

The use of membrane technology is the best option for its treatment, because of the constant quality of the effluent / rejection obtained, free from staining and surfactants or surface it leads.

WATERTECH SA with experience in the many sectors and processes in the textile industries, allows us to analyze the different problems existing on the market, and thus be able to provide the best solution for each case and need.