Our role: to recycle effluents as much as possible, reducing pollution and toxins at the source.
All mechanical maintenance workshops generate various effluents, characterized by significant levels of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), hydrocarbons, metals and suspended solids. These effluents are generated by high-pressure cleaning operations of mechanical parts, washing machine interoperations, emptying from paint shops, various cleaning operations (maintenance pits, etc.).

These effluents are thus very variable qualitatively and quantitatively. The water treatment plant, advised and set up by WATERTECH SA, will have to adapt to this particular constraint. It will also be easy to use with operating costs optimized according to the conditions of rejection (treatment plant, natural environment) or recycling (partial or total).

Rational water management saves the company significant savings.
WATERTECH SA has been specialized for more than 30 years in the treatment of industrial wastewater.